Pan-seared pork loin with roasted corn relish

When sidekicks become stars

Originally appeared in the June 30, 2011 edition of The Southside Times.

It’s difficult to do injustice to the dynamic duo of pork and corn.  But if you’re already licking your chops, you might also be in the mood for barbecue.  Here’s an optional (and very simple) honey-barbecue pan sauce to complement your dish.  Check it out here: (more…)

Pâté de campagne

A not-so passé pâté

Originally appeared in the January 13, 2011 edition of the Southside Times.

So, here we are:  mid-winter, and the season is showing its icy teeth.  But I’m content with being sequestered indoors, fine-tuning any neglected categories in my culinary craft.  More after the jump: (more…)

Classic meatballs

A memorable meatball

Originally appeared in the December 02, 2010 edition of the Southside Times.

The term “comfort food” is frequently repeated around this time of year, it’s sort of a catchall for describing dishes which are both sentimentally soothing and unapologetically hearty.  You know:  Meat-and-potatoes stuff.  And nothing embodies the cozy elements of comfort food better than the classic meatball.  When properly prepared, a simple meatball not only satisfies the most demanding appetites, but—like all comfort foods—holds the potential to produce a brand new batch of memories.  More after the jump: (more…)

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Scotch Eggs

Homemade pub grub

Originally appeared in the October 14, 2010 edition of the Southside Times.

When it comes to hearty snacks—recipes that sentimentally insulate us during chilly seasons—it’s hard to top Scotch eggs.

Picture the scene of a comfy, dimly-lit English pub:  patrons conversing over amber pints of ale, snuggly surrounded by dark, wood-paneled walls.  Now glance over by the bartender, at the large jar of pickled eggs resting on the countertop.  To be sure, there’s a rich history of egg-based appetizers in English-style pubs.  More after the jump:  (more…)

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