Beef and white bean stew

This stew’s for you

Originally appeared in the October 20, 2011 edition of The Southside Times.

Over and over again, I remind my students that (in addition to endurance, determination, and a good sense of humor) the culinary element that will most distinguish them in the kitchen is memorizing cooking techniques.  And being autumn, with winter scratching its chilly fingers against the door, one of the techniques for which I have a loving affinity is the combination cooking method of stewing.  Read more after the jump: (more…)

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Beef carbonnade

Tough cut, tender result

Originally appeared in the December 16, 2010 edition of the Southside Times.

There are several magical features about the science of braising.  One reason is the season:  This is a perfect time for heavy meat dishes served with starchy sides.  Two:  Pacing—there’s nothing quite like the cadence of a leisurely culinary execution.  And the third element is what I’ll call the “underdog” factor.  Check out more after the break: (more…)

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