About Clint Smith

Clint Smith is a Le Cordon Bleu honors graduate of the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago (CHIC), AASCA.  In his thirteen-year career in the foodservice industry, Clint has worked as a line cook, server, bartender, dishwasher, expediter, and caterer.  In 2003, he acquired a new title:  teacher.  Clint is currently the chef instructor in the culinary arts department at Central Nine Career Center—a vocational high school in Greenwood, Indiana.

His column, “Get Cooking with Clint,” appears each Thursday in the print edition of The Southside Times, and each month in both the Center Grove and Hendricks County ICON.  To read more about the Southside Times, click on the image below:

When he’s not cooking and teaching, Clint dedicates his free time to creative writing. Check out clintsmithfiction.com for news and updates.  Clint resides on the southeast side of Indy, along with his wife, son, and daughter.

For questions or comments, contact Clint at: cookingwithclint@gmail.com

Published on June 16, 2010 at 8:51 pm  Comments (13)  

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  1. BRAVO! Clint, it’s terrific to see you moving ahead on so many fronts. Good for you!! Our very best to you always! I’ll look forward to trying your recipes.
    Good cooking obviously runs in your family since Brenda is such a terrific cook. BRAVO!


    • Hey, Ron! Thanks for checking in. I thought about you and Aunt Brenda recently: I cooked lobster ravioli with a sage and white wine butter sauce. Now, I’m sure it couldn’t compete with your famous pumpkin ravioli, but I had to give it a shot! Please give Aunt Brenda my love and regards.

  2. What a great website! It is stylish, informative and very inviting. I am very proud to know the chef who has such innovative ideas. I shall follow your blog with great interest and will try your recipes with delight!
    Sending congratulations on your cooking, your writing and your creativity,

  3. How are you old friend? I have been reading you articles in the southside times. I glad to see you around. Justin W. Browning

    • Holy smokes. Mr. Browning! Great to hear from you. What’s the latest? Are you still in Indy? Do you keep in touch with the old crew? Thanks for reading, and thanks for the support.


  4. Chef,
    Im very happy for you… This site is amazing! I know this is what you wanted and you deserve it. Congrats my friend!

  5. Hello,
    I dont know if you remember me,but I was in your class at c9 and I gave you trouble. You are the best teacher that i had. oh, andd Kim Lambert says hi to.
    Thanks alot for being you.

    • Amanda: Of course I remember you! (But I don’t recall you giving me any “trouble.”) Your words are very kind. I seem to remember you and Brittany Wagoner showing up to support me at the Masterpiece in a Day competition. It takes a very thoughtful young woman to do that; so thank you for being you. And give Kim my regards as well…who could forget Miss Lambert! Both of you be sure to stay in touch. Thanks again for the nice sentiments.

      Best wishes,

  6. Chef,
    I just wanted to say that it was really nice seeing you the other day. You were the best teacher that I had. I really enjoyed being in your class. Thank you for the best two years.


    • Kim: The thing I remember most about you is that you had a really wonderful sense of humor. But you also knew how to hold your own in the kitchen. I always thought you were a pretty brave (and mischievous) gal. I’m really happy you stopped in to visit this week. Don’t hesitate to stay in touch and let me know of any good news that arises. Take care, Kim.

      All best,

  7. Clint,

    Wow I am amazed! I am so happy to see you are moving forward with your career! I looked you up today because I came across this drawing you made for me many years ago where it was a fish as the head on a human body who was carrying a fishing pole. 🙂 any who I looked you up, and found out you had this site up. It is wonderful. Do you remember when you taught me to make lasagna because I was going to cook for like 15 people. To this day everyone loves that dish and it’s the one thing everyone wants. Anyway glad to see you are doing well for yourself. Send me your email again I would love to share what things I have created over the past many years.

    Brittany Wagoner

    • Brittany: It’s really great to hear from you. (And of course I remember that drawing–very strange.) I’d forgotten about the lasagna story until you reminded me. That (in addition to the SkillsUSA stuff) was a fun little project. So how about you? Are you still with the military? I remember you’d done some traveling, and I have no doubt you’ve accumulated some interesting stories of your own. I also noticed the endorsement request, and it’d be my pleasure to vouch for you; I’ll write something presently. My email is cookingwithclint@gmail.com. Once again, good to hear form you, and thanks for dropping in!

      • Hey Clint I sent you an email from my bkwagon@yahoo account. Hope you got it. By the way the short ribs look amazing! yum

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