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Cider-brined Thanksgiving turkey

The rich tradition of a thrifty Thanksgiving

Originally appeared in the November 24, 2011 edition of the Southside Times.

Courtesy Bon Appetit, 2011

So you’ve probably heard the news—according to an agricultural economist with Purdue University, this year’s Thanksgiving dinner may cost 5 to 6 percent more than last year.  And an annual Indiana Farm Bureau survey indicates that dinner for 10 people may look more like 8 percent.  The same economist from Purdue says that for the turkey, consumers should expect to pay 3 to 7 cents more per pound.  Wonderful.

But fear not.  If cooks have anything to be Thankful for, it’s the ability to conjure culinary magic in the face of economic adversity and potato inflation.  More after the jump: (more…)

Butternut squash gnocchi

Don’t knock-it till you’ve tried gnocchi

Originally appeared in the November 17, 2011 edition of the Southside Times.

You might say that for something as simple as dumplings, it’s a contradiction for gnocchi (particularly this recipe) to be so labor intensive.  But to many cooks, culinarians, and pastry purists, part of the pay-off is the process.  Consider the labor-of-love involved in making tamales—think about the low-key technique of braising.  Moral of the story: the time invested is worth it.  Read more after the jump: (more…)

Chocolate molten cakes

Chocolate lava for chocolate lovers

Originally appeared in the November 10, 2011 edition of the Southside Times.

My wife said, “You should do something sweet.”  But just as I leaned in to give her a kiss, she said, “No—I mean something sweet for your column.”  So, dear reader, here we are.  Read more after the jump: (more…)