Chile rellenos con queso

Stuffed poblano?  No problemo

Originally appeared in the March 24, 2011 edition of the Southside Times.

Chile rellenos are poblano peppers—large, mildly spicy chilies—stuffed with a variety of ingredients.

There’s some debate about whether cheese or shredded meat is the most faithful interpretation of the dish; but in my encounters, queso’s the most ubiquitous.  In many Mexican kitchens, chile rellenos con queso (cheese-stuffed peppers) are frequently filled with Chihuahua or Oaxaca cheeses (although Monterey Jack’s a suitable U.S. substitute).  But as far as fillings go, there aren’t really any rules.  Example: I cherish a memory of “Maggie R”—a culinary acquaintance during my more formative days in Chicago—who introduced me to a version of chile rellenos stuffed with creamy mashed potatoes, and served with a roasted red pepper sauce (at the time, a delicious yet unthinkable medley for this novice young cook).  Check out more after the jump: (more…)